Shawl Design Unraveled Kicks Off January 9th! Spots are limited, grab a spot

Imagine if six weeks from now you had a shawl pattern designed by YOU in your hands.

I'd be pretty darn proud of you!

Your first shawl design can be as simple as making chocolate chip cookies...

You don't need a background in fashion, design, or even need to be a master knitter to design your first pattern! We are going to break down the basics to designing shawls, and then the world is at your fingertips (or needles!). Just click an option below to get started!

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Go from "I don't know where to begin!" to "Holy cow! Look at what I created!"

Shawl Design Unraveled is a premium course that combines a fill in the blank workbook, a supportive community, and weekly group coaching sessions to cheer you on as you learn to design a shawl from scratch.

Plus, you have the opportunity to schedule two one hour sessions with me to work through any areas that you might need a bit of extra attention.

We've all been there... the dreaded knitter's block.

You have beautiful yarn, your favorite needles, and you just don't know what to make or where to start. You can't find what you want to make on Ravelry (or Pinterest, or Instagram).

You've got an itch to create and maybe design something, but...

The doubts start creeping in...
Where do I place my increases?
What shape will I make?
Will knitters even like what I'm designing?
Someone probably already made my idea...
So, you put your needles away and go back to watching Grey's Anatomy.

Let's kick analysis paralysis in the behind and START KNITTING.

Shawl Design Unraveled will not only hold your hand as you navigate designing your first shawl, but it will also provide a community where we are just as thrilled as you are EVERY STEP OF THE WAY!⁠

And, when I say, we'll be doing everything together, I mean it!

Over the course of six weeks (it sounds like a long time, but it really isn't -- I built in LOTS of knitting time), we will all take an idea from random thought in our heads to "GOSH DARN WORLD, LOOK AT WHAT I MADE!" ⁠

I promise I'll make the course worth it, but if you need more details keep scrolling...

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This course is for knitters who:

1. Understand the basics of knitting.

2. Are frustrated because they can't quite find what they're looking for when searching for something to knit.

3. Have the itch to try something new but don't know where to start.

4. Have a "CAN DO" attitude! (Because seriously, what's the worst that could happen? You'll have a freaking ABSOLUTELY ONE OF A KIND SHAWL by the time you're done with this course.)

5. Most importantly, if you've read this far, that means that this course is for you. You can do it -- trust me!

Let's get down to the knitty gritty...

Aside from a community of like-minded knitters cheering you on, live group coaching sessions, and the opportunity for one-on-one deep dives with me to tackle even the most complicated of problems, what else do you get?

In your Shawl Design Unraveled Workbook, you'll find:

1. My signature shawl design method. I walk you through the steps I use every single time I design a shawl -- these are all ACTIONABLE steps to get your first design started on DAY 1.

2. Fill in the blank worksheets as you knit along.

3. A one-page "cheat sheet" for four common shawl shapes and how they are cast on.

4. Printable charts for each shawl shape so you can practice charting by hand.

5. Plus, a list of tips, tricks, and additional resources to get your new shawl design off to the races!

Shawl Design Unraveled will save you time, and get you back to KNITTING rather than staring at a blank set of needles suffering from "knitters block".

I'm ready

But, wait. Why should you trust me?

Picture me yelling "I can be your hero, babbaaayyy!"

I'm Ashleigh, an Air Force Veteran with a day job as a Process Enineer, mom, wife, and finder of all things hiding in plain sight.

I've been eating checklists for breakfast for the last decade (not literally - I prefer a toasted English muffin with peanut butter).

I've got an obsession with knitting and a knack for writting checklists and roadmaps (weird talent, I know). Shawls are my jam - I've designed more shawls than I know what to do with, and I love helping other knitters and designers make the shawls of their dreams!

I know exactly what it takes to publish a successful knitting pattern -- it's HARD and TIME CONSUMING.

But, I've developed a few strategies to make the process easier and quicker -- so I can spend more time knitting, drinking a cup of reheated cofee (because who drinks their coffee on the first go around when you have a preschooler?), and likely watching Frozen 2 (again!) with my daughter.

I’ll be that creative BFF in your back pocket, the Donkey to your Shrek, the Genie to your Aladdin, Olaf to your Elsa (I’ve got a kindergartener and a one-year old, the only movie references I remember are Disney movies!) — I’ll be the guide to your shawl design dreams and give you CONFIDENCE, CLARITY, and a PATH FORWARD.

Are you READY FOR January 9th?

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