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What if you planned your 2022 with a group of friends over a cup of coffee?


"Get Knit Done" is a Revenue Focused Digital Retreat and Guided Planner that creates a space for brainstorming, creativity, and community for fiber entrepreneurs.

"Get Knit Done" is a digital retreat and guided planner (with optional personalized coaching) for fiber artists ready to grow their businesses!

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Go from "I have an expensive hobby" to "I run a fulfilling business"

Time for #realtalk

Let's be real, being a 'creative' and running a business are naturally in conflict!

We wear so many "hats" that my neck hurts! We are simultaneously designers, marketers, customer service reps, photographers.....the list goes on and on. And did I even mention those other pretty important titles like "mom, sister, friend, and wife?" Heaven forbid we have full time jobs as well!

I feel guility when the people I love play second fiddle to my sense of chaotic distraction - this is the creative's curse. But, it doesn't have to be!  
Let's learn how to get over limiting beliefs about running business and start coming up with real strategies to actually grow our businesses, make them profitable, and reach customers who are dying to experience our talents. Let's take control and gain back important time for ourselves along the way.

That's where my "Get Knit Done" digital retreat and planner come in!

What's included?

2022 Planner

A printable comprehensive planner focused unabashedly on revenue and growth for your fibery business. Delivered directly to your inbox when you purchase.

Planner's Guide

A breakdown of every element of every exercise outlined in the planner - with examples! - to guide you through making it 'your planner' journey! You will find yourself confident - not nervous - about what lies in store for you and your business.

"Get Knit Done"

A Facebook Group open for 2 weeks in January '22, and one week at the end of every quarter, will help you plan successful year. Community, and Accountability are your new best friends in business and they are the cornerstones of this Digital Retreat.

For a more personalized option, you can also add two (or more!) personalized brainstorming and strategy sessions - you are never alone in this process!

So, what's the big deal?

Imagine if you had a realistic idea of what 2022 will look like for your business with an actual executable plan for how to make money and grow your business, not just an idea of what beautiful yarney projects you're going to create.

I'd be pretty darn proud of you!

In order to create this plan, it's hard to start while staring at a blank calendar and filling things in.  

That's where the "Get Knit Done" guided planner and digital retreat comes in handy:

The guided planner (read: it holds your hand every step of the way!) walks you through:
1. An annual review of what 2021 really looked like for your business
2. A break even point analysis on your patterns/products to provide insight into which ones are working best for you
3. An expense and process analysis to break down which expenses are truly helping and which are hurting your business to help you figure out which business tasks can be made more efficient (hello! more time to design!)
4. A guided goal planner to develop quarterly and monthly revenue and business goals
5. Project planners to help you backwards plan your year and develop timelines for each of your patterns
6. A weekly and monthly planner that helps you reach your goals!
7. Quarterly and monthly reviews to look back on your goals and determine if you need to adjust or reassess your plan for the year

Yes, you can purchase the planner separately from the retreat -- you could totally just grind through all this hard work yourself -- but, hey, where's the fun (and accountability) in that?

As a creative, I am inspired by others.

WE give each other fuel, inspiration, and form lasting friendships.

That's what we do!

The "Get Knit Done" Digital Retreat and optional personalized coaching sessions are your answer to accountability and community! It is FUN.

We will have a Private Facebook Group for interested fiber entrepreneurs looking to plan their year TOGETHER and brainstorm new strategies for growth and success. You can also select to have two 45 minute 1-on-1 coaching sessions with me to deep dive into any area of your business that you might be struggling with.

The group will be open for two weeks in January, and again for a week at the end of every quarter.

I'll be hosting live sessions on each of the above exercises where you can ask questions, and we'll fill out our planners together!

Interested? Join me and other likeminded creatives as we grow and plan our businesses for 2022. We are in this together and I am excited to meet you!

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Hi there, I'm Ashleigh

an Air Force veteran with an MBA and a day job as a Process Engineer, mom, wife, and finder of all things that are hiding in plain sight.

I’ve got an obsession with knitting and a knack for writing effective checklists and roadmaps (weird talent, I know).

I know exactly what it takes to run a successful knitwear design business — it’s HARD and TIME CONSUMING.

I’ve developed a few strategies to make the process easier and quicker — so I can spend more time knitting, drinking reheated coffee, and likely watching Frozen 2 (again!) with my daughters.

I’ve made it my mission to transform you from an invisible and overwhelmed knit and crochet pattern designer into a thriving and organized entrepreneur!